Social confidence + Dynamism in the workplace = A happier life.

Life Coaching can be a very broad term used to denote the full spectrum of life management. Patrick Wilde’s unique approach focuses on what he diagnoses as the core aspect, namely, CONFIDENCE.  His training focuses on speech, body language and presentation which he guarantees will lead to greatly enhanced presence and charisma. This will impact on both areas of what he believes are the key to a happy and successful life: social confidence (enhancing the quality of interactions and relationships with others) and workplace confidence (improving interview technique, giving presentations and speeches, going for promotions).  The result of this unique approach is Executive Coaching.

Practical and useful skills - technically delivered.

Patrick's training is not magical or mystical but instead technical and scientific – and far from dull. In fact it is similar to that given to his drama students and actors preparing for auditions or to take on major roles in the theatre, television and films. This makes complete sense. Actors use their learned skills to take on a part.  You, too, have a role to play. The character is YOU, and as actors endeavour to give the best version of their part, you can train to be the best version of you. And what are you being cast for? A role in your life. You can be the star in your own movie.



What's on offer & how it works.

Patrick offers both bespoke one-to-one executive coaching as well as group workshops and the service is for anyone who wants to improve confidence, presence, presentation, charisma, impact or communication skills. Sessions are also available over Skype for those not in London. If you’re an actor, please visit to view the alternative services offered.

Send Patrick a message using the Contact Form briefly explaining what you want to achieve in your sessions. Patrick will conduct a 30 minute Skype interview with you, free of charge. He will use this session to evaluate you and propose a bespoke training program, just for you.

For 1-2-1 Bespoke Coaching, fees start from £100 per session. For Corporations & Group Bookings please contact Patrick for further details.

Patrick teaches in multiple locations in London (Zone 1 & Zone 2). Patrick can also visit you at your business premises for in-house training. For overseas clients, Patrick can deliver coaching globally via Skype.

To check availability, please send a message using the Contact Form. Please note that availability may be limited during certain periods due to high demand. However, you can be added to a waiting list in the event of cancellations.


Patrick is an award-winning scriptwriter, actor, director & author.

Patrick has over thirty years experience of working with and for some of the biggest names in British entertainment. He has written for such iconic shows as Casualty, EastEnders, This Life and others, and has directed successful plays and household names for the stage. Drawing on his experiences he has also helped senior executives from firms including Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Ford, Deutsche Bank and others greatly enhance their impact in the workplace by coaching them using simple, exciting and game-changing techniques.

He has now devised his definitive STAR program, which can change your life too. Increased charisma, vocal power, presence and confidence, which make some of our greatest actors the stars that they are, can now be yours. A day at work will never be the same again.




Hear what others had to say about working with Patrick.

“I had a great time working with Patrick... he has a great knack at bringing out the best in people, and a fine instinct for what will work.”  Sir Tim Rice.

“Being coached by Patrick should be mandatory for any senior executive” SH (Managing Director, Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs).

“Charisma and confidence demystified. Essential training for anyone in Sales or a client-facing role.” EP (Managing Director, Capital Markets, Barclays).

“Career development at its best. Patrick offers the opportunity to master practical skills which are lacking among many individuals in big institutions.” AM (Director, Corporate Banking and Securities, Deutsche Bank).

"Patrick is one of my all-time favourite directors. He has the ability to push people further than they think they can go. I owe him my career.”   Lizzie Roper (West End actor, Hollyoakes, Boy Meets Girl).

"Working with Patrick helped me to hone the skills I needed to be a successful professional. Under his mentorship my confidence in both myself and my work have flourished.”   Lauren Hamilton (Producer, Barbican Centre London).

"Patrick inspired a sense of awareness and confidence in my abilities that I didn't know I possessed. I'll always be eternally grateful.” David Ames (Actor, Holby City).  


Patrick is the author of the sensational book: TIME TO ACT

In the modern age of technology, many are losing the ability to communicate authentically. This is fatal to career success.

In the corporate world, a perceived lack of confidence, presence, impact and charisma are commonly cited concerns for those: Seeking promotions in their workplace, attending interviews with new employers, hosting or participating in senior forums, and delivering speeches or presentations.

Patrick Wilde can teach you to adopt the techniques used by professional actors to enhance confidence and communication in life and in the workplace.


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