The Philosophy

Life Coaching or Executive Coaching are very broad terms, denoting most aspects of life management. Patrick’s unique approach, however, focuses on what really matters - confidence, awareness and competence.  By enhancing these, you can improve any aspect of your life; be it social or in the workplace.

  • Confidence: His training will improve speech, body language and presentation and he guarantees this will lead to greatly enhanced presence and charisma.  This will impact on both areas of what he believes are the key to a happy and successful life: social confidence (enhancing the quality of interactions and relationships with others) and workplace confidence (improving interview technique, giving presentations and speeches and going for promotions).
  • Awareness: If confidence comes through acting then awareness comes through learning to react. Awareness is a critical skill often overlooked and confidence alone cannot guarantee success. So a perfect presentation expertly delivered can fail if the speaker doesn't read the room correctly and identify that perhaps the audience were not interested or impacted by certain parts of it. In this way, awareness can serve as a tool to allow someone to modify their communication through a continuous feedback loop.  All too often people become so focussed on what they are saying that they fail to absorb how their communication is being received by others. 


Confidence   Awareness   Competence

  • Competence: From a career aspect, this relates to your core knowledge of your industry. Patrick will of course only focus on confidence and awareness training (unless your career relates to acting). It is assumed many people are good at what they do, but with enhanced communication skills, can shine much brighter.  

The result of this unique approach is his brand of Executive Coaching.